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The Walling Grove Plantation website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ News ~
Posted on Jul 23rd, 2018
Camille and David Chamberlain recently moved to 74 GARDEN GROVE from Mt. Pleasant, where they had lived for 39 years. David grew up in the Charleston area and Camille was from an Army family and lived many places.They have one grown daughter, Allison, who is a Professor of Infectious Diseases at Emory University in Atlanta, and they have 3 grandchildren.
Both are animal lovers and have two dogs - Stella an 11-year-old yellow lab and Scarlett, a 6-year-old Walker. Although both are retired now, David spent his career in the Army Corps as a biologist and ornithologist (an expert in the study of birds). Camille’s was a medical/legal transcriptionist. David is a history buff, bird lover and also enjoys fishing and photography. Camille’s interests include cooking, gardening and reading. Both are very sweet and interested in getting to know other residents from Walling Grove. Please greet them and introduce yourselves!
Covenants and By-laws
Posted on Feb 24th, 2018
All of us enjoy Walling Grove as home owners and residents. Our Covenants and By-laws are the rules and regulation that establish policy in Walling Grove. Every homeowner should be familiar with the convents and by-laws. Please take some time and review this document and ensure you are completely in compliance. Several violations of the covenants and by-laws have been noticed and this is the board’s first attempt at correcting the issues.
Our property manager, Bundy Appraisal and Management will conduct quarterly inspections of Walling Grove and report all violations to the board for action.
Dirt – Dirt – Dirt
Posted on Feb 24th, 2018
There is still plenty of dirt in the cul-de-sac of Old Plantation from the ditch work. If you need any dirt, help yourself. First come first serve.
Walling Grove Facebook Page
Posted on May 20th, 2014
Walling Grove has a residents only Facebook page.  To join visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/wgplantation/. This page was created in hopes of reaching more people in an efficient and effective manner.  The website is still up and will continue to be our main source of information. However, for those of us who are avid "Facebookers" or even those of us that just scroll through and "like" the occasional post - here's hoping that this will be an effective communication tool within our community!

~    Member Announcements    ~
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~    Upcoming Events    ~
Saturday, February 24th to Friday, November 30th
Listed below are the dates for the HOA Board Meetings along with the Board member hosting the meeting.
30 August (Tab Bendle)
25 October (Brian Lazenby)
8 November – Annual Meeting - tbd
Friday, August 31st to Saturday, September 1st at 100 Lands End Road
The 14th Annual Lands End Woodland River Festival is coming on Labor Day weekend; Friday, August 31st and Saturday, September 1st. The festival is a two?day family friendly and multicultural event celebrating the ancestry of the Gullah families who purchased hundreds of acres of the Lands End Woodland on St. Helena Island in the 1920’s. The River Festival has become an annual favorite for residents and visitors looking to enjoy cultural festivities amid the rich history of St. Helena Island over the Labor Day weekend. For complete details click here.

~ Message Board ~
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