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Fire Hydrants
Posted on Apr 17th, 2017

The repainting of the hydrants in Walling Grove must stop.
Please notify the residents and ask them to call our customer service number (843-987-9200) if they see anyone tampering with the hydrants.
It costs BJWSA and our customers every time we have to repaint hydrants. Unfortunately, this is our second repainting effort in WG in the last 30 days and if this happens again, we will bill WG POA for the repainting effort. Thanks for your help is stopping this vandalism to a critical piece of the public safety infrastructure. 
A note from Eric Meek
A fine from BJSWA would most likely result in a special assessment to the neighborhood as Walling Grove HOA attempts to keep dues low and does not keep a reserve for fines or events such as this.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.