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From the Board...
Posted on May 22nd, 2017

The ARB and the HOA identified several infractions and were receiving an overwhelming amount of complaints from residents regarding parking of trailers, unkempt yards, vehicles parked in yards, utility services not being concealed and overall yard maintenance of property in Walling Grove. 
On March 28th, 2017 General notices were sent to all owners via mailbox delivery, email, posted on our Facebook page and the Walling Grove web site requesting everyone to review the Covenants and take necessary actions to ensure compliance. After the general communication no deficiencies were corrected. Therefore, with the Board of Directors approval, the ARB requested our neighborhood management company (Bundy) perform a non-biased third party inspection of every home in Walling Grove to identify all violations. 
As a result, 30 owners were identified as having one or more violation on the day of inspection. All violations discovered were photographed by Bundy Management from the road while remaining in a vehicle. Many are minor and easily be remedied. However, regardless of the level of infraction, they were nonetheless violations of our Covenants and Restrictions as they are written and we have agreed to live by. 
We are happy to work with everyone on an individual basis to explore their options for a variance as we realize that each owner may have extraordinary circumstances and there may be a more suitable resolution regarding how/where their boat, trailer, camper, etc. is parked versus where the Covenants and Restrictions mandate.
Thank you. 
Eric Meek