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Drainage System Repair
Posted on Sep 19th, 2017

The projects includes the areas on Wood Ibis Trail from the intersection of Old Plantation to the retention pond on Wood Ibis Trail as well as Green Winged Teal from the intersection of Wood Ibis to the retention pond on Green Winged Teal.
The project will include replacing all of the existing culverts and re-grading all of the ditches on both sides of the street.
Over the next week or 2, the contractor will lay out and mark the project. This will give everyone a chance to see the affected areas and how it will affect the homeowners in the scope of work.
As soon as I get an exact date I will let everyone know. Once the project is marked if there are any concerns, please email the board immediately so we can address the issues prior to the work starting.
After the project is marked the next phase will be the work to the driveways. This step will take close coordination between the homeowner, the board and the contractor so everyone is aware of the work to be completed and not cause any impacts to our residents. For every drive way affected, it is anticipated the driveway (only enough to remove the old culvert, re-grade the area and replace the culvert) work will take one day. On this day, the driveway will be inaccessible. At the end of the day, the culvert will be covered with rock. Once all driveways are complete the contractor will come back and pour the concrete on all the driveways the same day.
Once the driveways are complete and weather permitting, the last stage will be re-grading all of the ditches and planting hydro seed.
If any affected home owner(s) would like to meet after the project is marked to discuss the project in depth, please let me know and I will set up a meeting.
Thank you,
Eric Meek