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For your consideration
Posted on Nov 16th, 2019

Regina Sixta, Chairperson
Hospitality Committee
Walling Grove neighbors we need your help!
Walling Grove Plantation (WGP) residents have voiced their desire to see a community pavilion built near the shores of the largest neighborhood pond off of WG road. Since we don’t have an official “clubhouse”, this structure would serve as a main gathering place for neighborhood activities and events.  
The Walling Grove Hospitality Committee (WGHC) would like to adopt this as a major pet project BUT WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!!!!  Our goals are first to gauge the community’s interest in having such a structure, and then if we have enough support and signatures, present this idea to the WGP board members.  We will also be asking neighbors like yourself, if you would be willing to help in the building of this pavilion so we could make the construction of the structure itself a community activity.  Everyone, even kids, could get involved. We would hire a general contractor who would be the team leader and work with him or her throughout the project, in preparing any feasibility studies, design, permits, a budget, supplies, etc.  
Please fill out this brief survey.  Your opinion counts!
______yes, we would like to have a pavilion 
______yes, and I would like to help
Please leave form at the drop box next to the mailbox at 220 Old Plantation Drive W. Questions?  Contact Regina Sixta at llpupa@icloud.com